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Why do you need self defense training?

1 Violent Crime occurs in America EVERY 20 Seconds.


Every 60 seconds

Aggravated Assault

Every 35 seconds

Forcible Rape

Every 6 seconds


Every 25 seconds


Our training presents STREET PROVEN techniques taught by people who have used them.

We teach simple and easy to practice techniques that allow you to escape an attack.

We’ll teach you the things you need to survive an attack.

Topics covered include:

Mindset of Survival Recognizing Danger Awareness of Self and Surroundings
Reducing Risk Factors Basic Escapes and Counters Improvised Weapons
Use of Weapons What to do after an attack  

Don’t become a statistic…. Or a victim.

This course is taught by a Former State Corrections Officer who knows how Criminals think and work. Criminals look for easy targets. LEARN TO AVOID BEING A TARGET!

Our Self Defense programs are a combination of Classroom and Practicals that are geared to raise your awareness and give you a new perspective on personal safety. It combines "Street Smarts" with SELF DEFENSE.

Our training philosophy is simple.

Strength through Knowledge. Power through Understanding. Success through Application.

“Self Defense isn’t about hurting people. It’s about staying alive.
It’s about Saying “NO” and being able to back it up.
It’s about coming home at the end of the day in one piece.”

We also carry a full line of PERSONAL PROTECTION PRODUCTS!

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